MTG Structure

Regular Meeting Agenda
(Note: Onsite meetings start from 19:00, Zoom meetings start from 20:00)
(depending on venue)
Opening Remarks
Introduction of Guests
Business Session
Thought of the Day
Opening speech by President
  Toastmaster of the Day The Chairperson of the day will lead the meeting.
  Introduction of Helpers
・Vote Counter
・Um-Ah Counter
Helpers explain their roles
  Table Topic Session 1 to 2 min. impromptu speeches on assigned topics.
  Prepared Speech Session Members present speeches according to their manuals.
  Evaluation Session Offer constructive evaluation for prepared speeches
・Vote Counter
・Um-Ah Counter
Helpers report the results.
  Award Best table topic speaker, best-prepared speaker,
and best evaluator is awarded.
  Guests’ Comments  

Socializing Hour

Usually after the meeting, we will go downstairs and have supper together at an Italian restaurant, un cafe.