September 3, 2013

In an orchestrated effort to reinforce and activate “Mentoring” in our club, KeyForce officers’ team is reestablishing the Mentoring program.

There are two changes in our program.

A. Holding a mentoring session periodically
B. Reassigning mentors for new members

A. Some key points for better facilitating Mentoring a new member

1. Introducing her to Mentoring; an experienced member designated to support and assist her in every possible way to comfortably start and interact with fellow Club members at regular meetings
2. Getting him familiar with Club’s; Mission, member’s commitment, meeting structure, and officers’ responsibilities
3. Listening to her for better understanding her goals and helping her make progress toward them
4. Getting him ready for his Ice Breaker speech along with its objectives and explaining the four basic meeting roles; Grammarian, Ah-Um Counter, Timer, and Vote Counter that he is assigned to carry out sequentially at regular meetings over a period of time
5. Getting feedback from her on meeting outcome and helping her with questions or concerns she may have
6. Helping him with his Project 2 and Project 3 speeches and beyond as well as other important meeting roles as both he as a mentee and his Mentor see it necessary

B. Reassigning Mentors for New Members

The officers team has decided that she as a mentee can remain on the Mentoring program until she finishes CC6 (Competent Communication Speech Project 6) or experiences TME (Toastmaster of the Evening) if she sees it in her best interest. Her mentor may give her some guidance in conjunction with her feelings about it.