Past President’s Comment(2015-2016)

 President Kanno’s Inauguration Address

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I am humbled and at the same time honored to become the president of KeyForce Toastmasters Club.  Our club has madethe great contributions through the efforts of pioneering members including our founder, TM Ann Sado Honjo.

Also, I would like to express my appreciation to those senior members who keep the momentum for our club to growcontinuously. As of today, we have 40 active members. This is surprising and is entirely due to the outgoing officers, especially the efforts of the Immediate past president, Kasey Yawata.  

Looking back over my past four years in KeyForce, somesenior members encouraged, supported and guided me with their warm-hearted advice when was depressed at my workplace. I have improved not only in English Communication but also interpersonal leadership. Fortunately,my working situation has changed for the better and it is time for me to repay the courtesy shown to me.

2015 is the fifteenth anniversary of KeyForce since it waschartered in June 2000.  What a great honor for me to serve in this 15th anniversary year!  During my tenure as the president I would like to focus on two points.

First, KeyForce members have been well aware of Diversity and Inclusion, keeping the friendly atmosphere all these years.  I think this is our unique club culture, which I would like to keep and continue growing.

Second, I would like to establish a strong teamwork having asustainable pattern. Therefore, I would like to ask all club members to participate in club activities, not only regular meetings but also special events like Summer Gala, Christmas Galas, in-house contest and area contests.  I am concerned about the participation rate of all members to these activities, since I believe that the high participation rate among new and old members will truly revitalize our club.

I am glad that all new officers are very cooperative. However I hope I can get all our members’ support and cooperation.  I look forward to having a very productive new term with all of you.

Mari Kanno 

July 7, 2015

Past President’s Comment(2014-2015)

Kasey Yawata


First off, on behalf of the new officers and myself, I would like to thank and applaud the outgoing officers for their dedicated hard work and excellent contribution to the club operations during the past year. Those officers served under the outstanding leadership demonstrated by the immediate past president, Mariko Misaka.

About two years ago, soon after I relocated to Tokyo from New York, I was wandering from one Toastmasters club to another on my soul searching journey, so to speak. I finally found and joined KeyForce that I liked best. Ever since, I have been immensely enjoying a somewhat awesome but pleasant association with the club blessed with a diversified membership mix.

Now, two years later, at this historic moment of breaking away from the traditional female presidency of the club, I am standing here, being humble and still awestruck.

While I truly appreciated the vote of confidence in me expressed by senior members and the new officers nominating committee, I am uncertain, honestly speaking, how I can meet their expectations.

Nevertheless, I strongly feel it is my great honor and privilege to serve as club President for the new term. I solemnly swear to you all that within my capacity I will exert my utmost effort to fulfill the mission of the club and enhance club quality. Well, easier said than done.

First and foremost, may I have as much support and cooperation as I can get from all of you? In addition to them, some patience as well while I am learning the ropes of the president role.

To best achieve our goals, I am counting on the team of new officers. They are extremely capable, energetic, and dedicated club members. We will be working closely together as a team.

Equally important, I would like each of you to join me and the officers in an orchestrated effort to make our club activities further exciting, inspiring and enjoyable for both new and veteran members.

With your strong support in the bag, I am ready, heart and soul, to assume my new responsibilities and fight challenges that lie ahead of us.

Thank you,

Kasey Yawata
July 1, 2014

Past President’s Comment (2013-2014)

Mariko Misaka

Thank you for joining us tonight to start off the new term. I am humbly honored to take this opportunity to be the president of Keyforce Club which has the great history of contributions made by pioneering members.

I would like to express my appreciation to those senior members. At the same time, let me thank the outgoing officers, especially the Immediate past president, Atsuko, for their great work.

To be honest, I hesitated to take over this big responsibility from such skillful successive presidents when I was asked. But once I recognized the amazing line up of new officers, I made up my mind.

As you know, KeyForce officers used to be all women. But the new officers’ team includes three men and has wide range of members from ages 20 to 60. How lucky I am to be able to work together with such an incredible team with full of diversity! I am certain that this new team will be able to bring new wind and epoch making ideas and styles along with them.

My key message tonight is to find something new. As already known, Toastmasters is where leaders are made. And, I feel that Keyforce is where we can set forth to find something new.

Obviously, KeyForce has brought about the change in my second life. After the difficult caretaking stage was ended, I started looking for something new to do. Then I found it. This is it! There is always a new challenge at KeyForce. Looking back at my journey in KeyForce over the past three years, I experienced so many things that I never did before.

Now it is time for me to give back to you as much as I have received from KeyForce. During my presidency, I would like to provide you with the opportunity to challenge new things as much as possible. This would include things such as being a contestant, contest chairman, judge, MC of events, and other new roles.

At the new term, let’s enjoy finding something challenging to do together. After all, learning never ends.

As the president, I am always ready to listen to your voice and do my best.

Mariko Misaka
July 2, 2013

Let’s congratulate on our District 76’s great achievement last term 2011-2012!

Message from District 76 Governor, Kazuko Kawauchi:

Toastmasters International announced the list of President’s, Select and Distinguished Districts last term 2011-2012. Our District 76 is the fifth out of 87 Districts in the world. Just amazing! Our district achieved the President’s Distinguished District Award for the first time in our more than five decades” district history.

Please see below list

This excellent achievement is the outcome of your leadership and all your club members continuous and persevering efforts. I appreciate your dedication to have made these excellent results during the last 12 months. Congratulations again!

Past President’s Comment(2011-2012)

Ann Sado

Lead with compassion and divine inspiration!

Distinguished Guests, Fellow Toastmasters, and Friends,

Thank you all for joining us today to start off the new term.
Governor Muko, I appreciate your attending despite the typhoon to officiate the installation ceremony.

I strongly believe Women have the Key to Unlock the Force in the Universe as in our club name, KeyForce!
Therefore, the Natural Force, the Typhoon, is here to enjoy with us great speeches tonight.

After 10 years, I am asked to be the President again! My inaugural speech will be very simple.
My key message is, “Lead with compassion and divine inspiration!”

Let’s have love and passion in what we do within this Club to foster especially the leadership and communication skills among women and young men, who are still very often the target of unfair treatment within the Japanese society among corporations and organizations where older men still predominate at the decision-making level.

KeyForce Toastmasters Club gives power to each Club member to take part in the decision making process, as well as to express what they feel is inspirational. We respect our diverseness of being female or male, young or senior, with or without experience, foreign in nationality or background! We are here to respect the diversity in our Club and to create an inclusive atmosphere of respect, friendliness, and openness to allow each member and guest to voice her or his opinion! I would like to propose a better mentoring system to support speakers to express inspirational and universal messages.

A leader with vision always has the ability to listen with depth and make a fair decision, sometimes through consensus or independently. Let’s inspire each other to grow and develop our ability to lead with compassion and to convey key universal messages in speeches that impact us to become better global citizens, caring about our planet, Earth!

Ann Sado Honjo

Past President’s Comment(2010-2011)

Akemi Maruyama

“Plan, Prepare and Perform”
KeyForce TMC’s Goal for 2010-2011

I am very happy and honored to be elected as President of KeyForce TMC this term. Just last month we had the great 10th anniversary Party. I would like to express my appreciation to the founder Ann Sado Honjo and the past officers who made it such a memorable and successful event.

I think KeyForce Toastmasters Club is already a well-established and mature club. However, this year, we start the next steps toward the 20th anniversary. So I think we should review our club activities at this turning point. Of course, we should keep the good traditions of KeyForce but at the same time, we would like to introduce new ideas to make the club even more attractive and dynamic.

A year ago, the immediate past president Masako Kuroda set a goal to grow our membership. As a result, amazingly, as many as 14 new members joined the club in the last term. It must be a new record for KeyForce! In order to maintain an active and dynamic club, membership building is indispensable.
Congratulations, Masako on your great achievement! Welcome new members!

Then, what is the goal for this term?
During my presidency, I would like to focus on education in order to hold a quality meeting every time. More specifically, I would like to ensure enough number of prepared speeches well in advance.

If we have only a few prepared speakers and there is no voting, it might be a little bit disappointing for some and we will lose our competitive atmosphere. So I would like to encourage every member to sign up for your speeches voluntarily at least two or three months in advance. Making a speech is not an assignment. It is up to you to plan when you will prepare and perform. This term, we are going to circulate speech signup sheet. Let’s signup well in advance, to plan, prepare and perform!

Then I believe KeyForce Toastmasters Club will become more productive and dynamic !

Akemi Maruyama

Past President’s Comment(2009-2010)

Masako Kuroda

“Change and Grow”
KeyForce TMC’s Goal for 2009-2010

Now I am installed as your president and I am very honored to be elected again to represent KeyForce. This is the second time. When I served as the president for the first time during 2003-2004, it was the year after I joined Toastmasters. So it was a big challenge for me.
But through that experience I learnt a lot about Toastmasters activities and also found out that KeyForce TMC is the best club for me. Each member is very supportive, cooperative, and enthusiastic with the power and leadership of women. Every member really supported me to achieve my office as the club president.

Again this year I will take office of President in this club.
But this time I found there are some changes in KeyForce TMC.
As you have already recognized, we have two men as officers this year, VP Education and Treasurer, which are important roles as officers to manage the club. This is the first time for KeyForce. And furthermore we have a young high school boy as a potential member of KeyForce.

KeyForce is no longer just a club, which has a majority of women. We are open to men, women, everyone who wants to develop their leadership skills through learning public speaking, as well as to support fostering women’s leadership.

KeyForce TMC will be changing with a more diversified membership and growing with new member’s fresh ideas and lively activities.
I heard from the founder of KeyForce, TM Ann Sado Honjo, we will have our 10th anniversary next June. We are planning to hold the 10th anniversary ceremony at the end of June.

Tenth Anniversary Year is one of the turning points for us to review our activities and to change and grow to become stronger and more dynamic club.

So I would like to set the goal for this term. “Chang and Grow”.
We will change by having a diversified membership and growth by taking fresh idea into our club activities.
In order to realize this goal I set two more specific targets.
No.1 To develop recruiting activities to gain more diversified membership.
No.2 To progress in DCP (Distinguished Club Program) to make the club activities more lively.
I will make another presentation about this program, DCP in the near future.

Let’s take a great step to achieve our goal, “Change and Grow”!

Masako Kuroda

Past President’s Comment(2006-2007)

Kazuko Kawauchi

“Challenge to Achieve”

Thank you for your interest in our KeyForce Toastmasters Club. It is a club with enthusiastic members working hard to improve their communication skills in English and to become a competent leader in the society. The means of achieving these goals are speaking English in front of an audience and leading activities inside and outside of our club.

The name of our club “KeyForce” was created by our founder when it was established more than six years ago. It means that women have the key to unlock the force that inspires and empowers all mankind to a better life and world. Therefore, our club members are aiming at fostering women’s leadership through public speaking.

This year we set a club motto, “Challenge to Achieve” One of the tasks we are working very hard at as One Great Team is to make the All Japan English Speech Contest, to be held in May 2007 in Tokyo, a success. We believe this is a great challenge and opportunity for each member to develop leadership skills and we think we are lucky to have this wonderful chance.

The Ship KeyForce has already put out to sea for achieving the challenge we face, and we would like to welcome anybody who wants to go on board and share this tough but enjoyable voyage with us while developing your English speaking skills and leadership skills.

As the proverb says “Seeing is Believing”, please visit our meetings on the third (and fifth if there is any) Tuesday every month from 7:00p.m. to 8:45p.m. I am sure you will learn through our Toastmasters activities while enjoying it, then you will subsequently broaden your horizon and make a closer rapport with members, and develop life-long friendships. I believe your decision to become our club member will become a valuable investment in your life. Please come and join our group to have your goals and ours achieved!

Please visit us, and we all look forward to seeing you soon.

Past President’s Comment(2005-2006)

Karen Okano

The other day, immediate ex-president TM Iwatsuki and I were taking the same train after the Steering Committee meeting. She noticed the bag I was carrying and said it was very cute. I myself fell in love with this bag when I saw it, not only because of the lovely pictures, but because it says ‘how to keep your husband’! For example, ‘no gossip over the phone’, ‘put you picture on his desk’, ‘if he is tired, bring him his favourite drink’, etc. Then TM Iwatsuki said, something quite symbolic of KeyForce, ‘You should make a version of “how to keep your wife” and make a speech about it!’ I said it is quite symbolic of KeyForce because the man & woman issue is one of the hottest topics of our club. Not that we are trying to batter men to prove the superiority of women, but that we are striving to achieve a sense of harmony between the sexes, that both women and men live a happy, fulfilling life and contribute to the society. Besides the issue of the sexes, we also actively discuss issues of ecology, health and the body, business ethics etc., which are the universal concern of all human beings. In the open atmosphere of KeyForce, we learn to acknowledge differences between each individual, not just between man & woman, and the importance of understanding.

And why Toastmasters? Why public speaking? It is a place where we learn communication and leadership, and to share expand ideas. When we have a chance to express our thoughts, and have our opinions heard, we know that we can make better decisions in life. In a world full of choices, it is important to make the right ones. Like when you press a button on the drink vending machine, you want to make sure you are getting a bottle of water and not a bottle of poison! With the Toastmasters, we know that we can choose communication but not violence, humour but not anger, peace but not war.

In year 1999, TM Ann Sado and a number of experienced toastmasters set up this fabulous club to encourage women’s leadership through English public speaking, and it was chartered in year 2000. Hence, KeyForce is celebrating its 5th birthday! With the wonderful officers I am working with this year, I am sure that it will be a fruitful year for all of us! If we gain 10 points on the Distinguished CLub Program, we can achieve the highest Distinguished Club Award- the President’s Distinguished Club Award! What a great way it will be to celebrate the 5th anniversary of KeyForce! Everyone, thank you for your support and let’s look forward to a superb year for KeyForce!

Last but not least, let give a big hand to TM Iwatsuki and her ex-officers for their efforts last year that gave us so many precious moments of fun and laughter. They worked really hard and were always caring for members’ needs.

Past President’s Comment(2004-2005)

Kazuko Iwatsuki

Why did I become a member of KeyForce Toastmasters Club? It all happened when the founder of the club, Ann Sado Honjo asked me, “Would you like to be a member of KeyForce Toastmasters Club?” “What is KeyForce TMC? “What’s that? “ This was my first encounter with KeyForce Toastmasters Club. Why did I join the club? One main reason was I wanted to be a better English speaker in front of people. I was not good especially at intonation and pauses. Besides, of course, I wanted to brush up English too.

Did I change after joining the club? I’ve got used to speaking in front of people.
Can you believe this? At the beginning, I became very nervous, but gradually I was getting better. I would like to believe so.
The best part is not only speaking English but also acquiring leadership and communication skills.
I realized this was possible especially after I became an officer and the President, I realized when I got members’ advice and assistance and I was energized and empowered by their warm support. Believe me, KeyForce members are always friendly and warm hearted, and speak, laugh and eat a lot. (Believe me again!)

By becoming a member of KeyForce Toastmasters Club, I’m sure I will be richly rewarded with friendship. By getting used to speaking in front of an audience, you will become a good leader in the club and in your company or any places where you belong to. Besides our club is very diversified from young to old, no, no I should say middle aged, men and women, working for foreign or Japanese companies from so called “career women” to a doctor and self employed or people running their own business. Also members include Japanese and foreign people, such as French and American.. The membership is very diversified and fun

Hope you can visit us and see for yourself what is going on in our club.
I am looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting soon.