Area Contest March 15th, 2014

Area Contest March 15th, 2014

I am pleased to inform you that TM Kasey Yawata and TM Atsuko Karakasa got the second place at the Area Contest yesterday for English and Japanese contest.

Their presentation were superb and made the audience iimpressed.

TM Moto Kanokogi also did great although he had to remodel the speech because of the sudden sensational news.

I am proud of their challenge and enthusiasm very much.

Also all role takers worked very hard to support the contest.

(President TM Mariko Misaka)

In-house International Speech Contest – Feburuary 18th, 2014

In-house International Speech Contest

Tuesday, Feburuary 18th, 2014
Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza [Omotesando B2 Exit 5 Min.]


Contest Briefing
Briefing for contestants TM Mari Kanno (Contest Chair)
Briefing for Judges/Timers/Ballot Counters TM Rieko Ichiya (Chief Judge)

International Speech Contest

Contest Chair TM Mari Kanno

Opening Remarks President Misaka

Contest Rules TM Mari Kanno

Verification by Chief Judge TM Rieko Ichiya


Raphael Toyama Title “Life ie an egg”
Kasey Yawata Title “Are you a Glass Half full or Half empty Person?”
Arito Tokimoto Title “Appreciation”
Yasuyo Sato Title “Full of charm”
Motokazu Kanokogi Title “Hip, hip, hurrah! Moomine break walls!”

Interview Session TM Masako Kuroda
Award Announcement TM Mari Kanno
Award Presentation President Misaka

1st place TM Kasey Yawata
2nd place TM Rafael Toyama
3rd place TM Arito Tokimoto

Contest officials
Contest Chair: Mari Kanno
Chief Judge: Rieko Ichiya
Timers: Hitoko Yamakawa, Fuma Bando
Tally Conters: Ann Sado Honjo,Chao LIU,Fuyuki Kawano
Sergeant at Arms: Fuyuki Kawano

In-house Tall Tales Speech Contest 2013

Attendees: Member: 18 Guest: 2
Date: September 17th, 2013
Venue: Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza


Contest officials
Contest Chair: TM Ayah Kakinuma
Chief Judge: TM Rieko Ichiya
Timers: TM Kasey Yawata, TM Mariko Misaka
Tally Counters: TM Taeko Hayashi, TM Mineko Hasegawa
Interviewer: TM Masako Kuroda
Sergeant at Arms: TM Mari Kanno

TM Arito Tokimoto           title” SGM – Super Grand Ma”
TM Drian Von Golden      title” Dree ”
TM Motokazu Kanokogi   title”  Wise Gastro ”
TM Raphael Toyama        title”  Nobody’s Perfect ”
TM Chao LIU                     title” The cat that lived a million times ”
TM Atsuko Karakasa          title” However ”

1st prize TM Atsuko Karakasa
2nd prize TM Raphael Toyama
3rd prize TM Drian Von Golden



It was a successful inhouse contest full of passhion.
TM Kakinuma has done a good job as the contest chair!
The winner’s tall tales speech was very humoraous and it was a real tall tale! 
We enjoyed all the contest speeches very much!

Area 23 Table Topic Contest 2012

We had a great result at Area 23 Table Topic Contest whitch was held at Aoyama Life Long Learning Center on October 6th,2012. The representatives of KeyForce won 1st place and 3rd place!

1st place: TM Raphael Toyama
3rd place: TM Kasey Yawata

Raphael will proceed to Division Contest whitch will be held on October 21th at Ikegami Kaikan.
Also TM Ayako Hirota challenged competing at Japanese Table Topic Contest for her first experience.

D76 Spring Conference 2012 has finished with a great success on May 27th

Nearly five hundred Toastmasters gathered in Makuhari form all over Japan.

All participants enjoyed International speech contests, learned in effective workshops and were encouraged by valuable two Key Note Speeches during this conference.

As a slogan of this conference,”Leap to Global Excellence” surely gave us the motivation and energy to leap to global excellence.

Please see the photos as follows:

1.Jpapanese speech contest winners

(1st place: Shigeru Kobayashi, 2nd place: Makoto Yuba, 3rd place: Eiichi Shimoji)

2.English speech contests

(1st place: Ruskyle Howser, 2nd place: Fabian Nieber, 3rd place: Masahiko Yoshikawa)

3.With Keynote Speaker, Mr.Kenichi Uemura,MD,MS who spkoke about

“How to learn English effectively based on brain mechanism”

4.With Keynote speaker, Mr.Craig Valentine,MBA,1999 World Champion who spoke about

“Getting Remarkable Results in Leadership and Life”

5.With participants from KeyForce

KeyForce TMC In-house Speech Contest on February 21st,2012

KeyForce In-house speech contest was conducted by Contest Chair of TM Akemi Maruyama. In the contest 4 contestants competed very excitingly for 1st place winner who will proceed to Area 23 Speech. The result is 1st place winner. TM Mariko Misaka 2nd place winner. TM Taeko Hayashi TM Misaka will proceed to Area 23 speech Contest which will be held on March 31st.