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In-house International Speech Contest Spring 2016

The Keyforce 2016 In-house International Speech Contest was successfully conducted.
Congratulations to TM Ryuji Yokoyama for winning the first place! 
He will be representing Keyforce and competing in the Area contest at 
Tsukuba University on March 20.
Competition results: 
1st place winner: TM Ryuji Yokoyama
2nd place winner : TM Kasey Yawata
Speech titles:
TM Kasey Yawata – Plunging from heaven to hell
TM Ryuji Yokoyama – Improvement is not always better
TM Hidenori Takahashi – My son’s first mountain climbing
TM Ann Sado Honjo – Father to daughter

Area 31 Evaluation Contest 2015

Area 31 Evaluation Contest 2015 was held on October 4th at Ochanomizu University.
Results are as follows:
1st place winner: TM Tomoyuki Nii (Sakura TMC)
2nd place winner: TM Mai Araki (KeyForce TMC)
Congratulations to our beloved member Mai for a big achievement!

In-house Evaluation Speech Contest 2015

The Keyforce 2015 In-house Evaluation Contest was successfully conducted.
Congratulations to TM Mai Araki for winning the first place! She will be representing Keyforce and competing in the Area contest at Ochanomizu University on October 4th.

Thank you to all the contest officials for your dedicated leaderships.
Special thanks is expressed to Immediate Past District Governer TM Hisashi Watanabe for an high-level and exciting speech about his travel experience in Paris, “Never Give Up.”

First place
TM Mai Araki

Second place
TM Ayah Kakinuma

A big round of applause to
TM Miki Saito
TM Ryuichi Onoe
for wonderful evaluations as well.

☆Contest Officials
Contest Chair: TM Kasey Yawata
Chief Judge: TM Mariko Misaka
Timers: TM Yasuyo Sato, TM Hidenori Takahashi
Tally Counters: TM Taeko Hayashi, TM Takuya Tsubota, TM Izumi Matsubara
Interviewer: TM Masako Kuroda
Sergent at Arms: TM Jason Shi, TM Yasunari Matsukawa
Photographer: TM Chihiro Inoue

☆Test Speech
TM Hisashi Watanabe (Kanagawa TMC)
“Never Give Up”

In-house Evaluation Speech Contest 2015

In-house Evaluation Speech 2015 Contest Winners

Our skilled contestants. Great jobs!

Our skilled contestants. Great jobs!


Area 22 International Speech Contest 2015

Area 22 International Speech Contest 2015 was held at Ochanomizu University on March 29th.
KeyForce organized this contest for both English and Japanese as a host club .
English contest chair was TM Ann Sado Hojo and Japanese one was TM Mariko Misaka.
They did great job to make this contest excellent and successful with a lot of support by contest helpers.

The results are:
English Speech Contest:
1st place – TM Tomoyuki Nii         2nd place – TM Ayah Kakinuma
Japanese Speech Contest:
1st place – TM Yukihiro Arai          2nd place – TM Taeko Hayashi

English Contest

Japanese Contest



In-house International Speech Contest 2015

In-house International Speech contest 2015 was held on February 17th.
5 contestants competed excitingly.

Contest officials:
Contest Chair: TM Ann Sado Honjo
Timers:  TM Minato and TM Ono
Ballot counters: TM Tsubota and TM Takahashi supported by TM Ichiya
Chief Judge: TM Kuroda

1st place winner:  TM Ayah Kakinuma
2nd place winner:  TM Kasey Yawata
3rd place winner:   TM Taeko Hayashi

TM Kakinuma will proceed to Area 22 International Speech Contest which will be held on March 29th.
KeyForce will host this Area contest and TM Ann Sado Honjo will organize the contest as Contest Chair.  Let’s cheer on Ayha at Area contest.

IMG_0713 (2) IMG_0711 (3) IMG_0690 IMG_0694 IMG_0707 IMG_0703 IMG_0695 IMG_0699

Area 22 Humorous Speech Contest 2014

Area 22 Humorous Speech Contest 2014 was held on September 23rd at National Olympic Youth Center.
KeyForce members joined this contest to help take some roles of Timer, Ballot Counter and Interviewer.
Representatives of KeyForce made a great result at both English and Japanese contests.

English Contest: Kasey Yawata (1st place) / Mariko Misaka (2nd place)
                            Terry Tomita (3rd place) 

Japanese Contest: Atsuko Karakasa (2nd place)
                               Chikako Ishizuka (1st place)  Ikuko Joken (3rd place)



In-house Humorous Speech Contest

KeyForce In-house humorous speech contest was held on September 9th.

Five contestants beats uk competed with their funny humorous speeches making the audience laugh a lot.

Result of the contest is as dr dre beats studio follows:

1st place winner: TM Kasey Yawata

2nd place winner: beats by dre wireless TM Mariko Misaka

3rd place winner: TM Atsuko Karakasa

Top two winners will proceed to Area dr dre beats wireless 22 humorous speech contest which will be held on September 23rd in Yoyogi Olympic Center.

Let’s cheer on the representatives at the area beats by dre studio contest.


Three winners with Area 22 governor, TM Shyam Pyarauk and Contest chair, TM Akemi Maruyama


Area Contest March 15th, 2014

Area Contest March 15th, 2014

I am pleased to inform you that TM Kasey Yawata and TM Atsuko Karakasa got the second place at the Area Contest yesterday for English and Japanese contest.

Their presentation were superb and made the audience iimpressed.

TM Moto Kanokogi also did great although he had to remodel the speech because of the sudden sensational news.

I am proud of their challenge and enthusiasm very much.

Also all role takers worked very hard to support the contest.

(President TM Mariko Misaka)

In-house International Speech Contest – Feburuary 18th, 2014

In-house International Speech Contest

Tuesday, Feburuary 18th, 2014
Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza [Omotesando B2 Exit 5 Min.]


Contest Briefing
Briefing for contestants TM Mari Kanno (Contest Chair)
Briefing for Judges/Timers/Ballot Counters TM Rieko Ichiya (Chief Judge)

International Speech Contest

Contest Chair TM Mari Kanno

Opening Remarks President Misaka

Contest Rules TM Mari Kanno

Verification by Chief Judge TM Rieko Ichiya


Raphael Toyama Title “Life ie an egg”
Kasey Yawata Title “Are you a Glass Half full or Half empty Person?”
Arito Tokimoto Title “Appreciation”
Yasuyo Sato Title “Full of charm”
Motokazu Kanokogi Title “Hip, hip, hurrah! Moomine break walls!”

Interview Session TM Masako Kuroda
Award Announcement TM Mari Kanno
Award Presentation President Misaka

1st place TM Kasey Yawata
2nd place TM Rafael Toyama
3rd place TM Arito Tokimoto

Contest officials
Contest Chair: Mari Kanno
Chief Judge: Rieko Ichiya
Timers: Hitoko Yamakawa, Fuma Bando
Tally Conters: Ann Sado Honjo,Chao LIU,Fuyuki Kawano
Sergeant at Arms: Fuyuki Kawano