Area 23 Evaluation Contest was held at Yachiyo Engineering Company on October 15th.

We gained wonderful results as follows:

English Evaluation Contest:

1st place: TM Ann Sado Honjo (KeyForce TMC)
2nd place: TM Akemi Maruyama (KeyForce TMC)
3rd place: TM Kouichi Hashimoto (Shinjuku Bilingual TMC)

Japanese Evaluation Contest:

1st place: TM Fuki Kitagawa (Edo TMC)
2nd place: TM Norifumi Morise (Edo TMC)
3rd place: TM Taeko Hayashi (KeyForce TMC)

TM Yasuyo Sato also challenged to be a contestant at Japanese.
Evaluation Contest for the first time and made an excellent evaluation speech.
Date: October 15th, 2011

10th Anniversary Party

June 5 (Sat)  17:00-20:00
Oakwood Rounge, Tokyo Midtown

Total of 65 attendants, with charter members and past presidents

Guest Speaker: Ms Miyoko Sano, Translator of The Secret

Founder Ann Sado Honjo’s Message

KeyForce Club Brochure 2004

TM Karen Okano All-Japan Toastmasters speech contest 2002
TM Tommy Shimoyama Div. B Humorous Speech Contest
TM Tommy Shimoyama Div. B Humorous Speech Contest
Div. B Evaluation Speech Contest
TM.Ann Sado Honjo
・First Prize Speech ( 3.14 04 )
・2nd prize speech ( 4.22 04 )
Div. B Speech Contest & All Japan National Speech Contest 2004
KeyFortune Div. B Speech Contest 2004

Toastmasters International District 76 Spring Conference