Officers for 2017-2018

Officers for Club 8643

*For the period July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

President: MAI ARAKI
Vice President Education: KASEY YAWATA
Vice President Membership: RYUJI YOKOYAMA
Vice President Public Relations: RYOTA SHIMADA
Sergeant at Arms: CHIHIRO INOUE
Immediate Past President: RYUICHI ONOE

President Araki’s Inauguration Address


Hello fellow toastmasters and to all the wonderful guests, it is my greatest honor to be elected as your president, at the place where I love the most, the place that made me of who I am today.
Tonight, I would like to express my passion and promises as the president of Keyforce Toastmasters Club.

Let me share with you my experience with Toastmasters in the beginning.
Four years ago, when I joined Keyforce, my biggest fear was to talk in front of people. More than 3 people in the room just frightened me, I could hear my heartbeat at max volume that would reach to the end of the room. I always wanted to run away from presentation opportunities, but I knew I just couldn’t be refusing. When I took courage and joined Keyforce, I immediately felt the difference.

The first day I made my speech here, I realized all the members in the room was smiling, expressing they care about the speaker, and I felt safe. I loved the warm atmosphere of Keyforce, every time I made a speech I received fruitful feedbacks from experienced members, the CC manual was full of techniques I could follow, and by the time I finished 10 speeches, I no longer had fear. I was confident, I was comfortable, I smiled more often and could feel passion to everything in both toastmaster activities and daily life.

I love Keyforce and I always have my biggest gratitude to this club.
It is my honor to have a chance to give back to Keyforce by becoming your president. I want to retain and expand this warm welcoming attitude, the professional organization, the diversity and how the club supports every one of us to become a stronger speaker.

Upon the new officers, we have set the club motto for this year, which is “CHALLENGE.”
Each officer will be challenging a goal to lead Keyforce to become a stronger club. This would include reactivating members that haven’t attended for a while, or encouraging every member to make at least 1 prepared speech within the year, inviting native speakers, holding educational workshops, communicating deeper with other clubs and so on. Let us introduce you later at the business session.

All officers will take the challenge, so all Keyforce members, please be excited, motivated and cooperative for everyone’s growth just like in the past years.
Now, with full passion and energy, I am ready to lead Keyforce to be the best of your life.
Thank you.

Mai Araki

July 4, 2017

Past President’s Comment

Ryuichi Onoe (2016-2017)
Mariko Kanno (2015-2016)
Kasey Yawata (2014-2015)
Mariko Misaka (2013-2014)
Atsuko Karakasa (2012-2013)
Rieko Ichiya/Ann Sado (2011-2012)
Akemi Maruyama (2010-2011)
Masako Kuroda (2009-2010)
Rieko Ichiya (2008-2009)
Yasuyo Sato (2007-2008)
Kazuko Kawauchi (2006-2007)
Karen Okano (2005-2006)
Kazuko Iwatsuki (2004-2005)
Masako Kuroda (2003-2004)