Frequently asked questions:

Q1 What are your club’s characteristics?

KeyForce Toastmasters Club was cartered in June 2000  with a focus on women’s leadership. As we have added both male and female members from broader age groups, various backgrounds and nationalities, we are focusing on “Diversity” of activities striving for enhancement of leadership and communications in English. Our club has been actively and proudly sending quite a few contestants to Division speech contests.

Q2  Can anyone join your club?

Prospective members aged 18 years and older are always welcome as long as you agree with the club’s mission stated on our homepage. Please by all means visit our regular meeting and explore our club yourself. At no cost to you,  up to participation for two times.

Q3 How would I learn or be trained after enrollment?

Our club has established a unique mentoring program. At the time of enrollment, you will be assigned an experienced mentor. Your mentor will support you by helping you start delivering speeches smoothly, answering questions that you may have and giving you other guidance if needed. For your benefit, the club has a set of scripts for a variety of roles taken by members at regular meetings.

Q1 貴クラブの特徴はなんですか?
Keyforce Toastmasters Club は200年6月に女性のリーダーシップの向上を焦点にあて設立されました。最近では、男性会員も増え、国籍も多様になり、年齢層の幅も広くなりましたので、Diversityに焦点をあて英語によるコミュニケーションとリーダーシップの向上を目指して活動しています。地区コンテストなどへ多数の出場者を輩出している活発なクラブです。

Q2. 誰でも入会できますか?

入会なさると、新会員ひとりひとりに経験豊富なメンターがつきます。メンターは新会員がスピーチを円滑に行えるように、助言をしたり、質問に答えたりして、支援します。また新会員が例会の役割をスムーズ行えるようRole Taker Scriptもご用意しております。