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Officers for Club 8643

*For the period July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Vice President Education: RYUJI YOKOYAMA
Vice President Membership: NAOKO ADACHI
Vice President Public Relations: HIDENORI TAKAHASHI
Secretary: MANA TANAKA
Immediate Past President: RYUICHI ONOE

President Onoe’s Inauguration Address


It was June 10th 2014 when I made the first contact to the KF TMC through its home page. It was June 17th when I paid my first visit to a regular meeting of this club as a guest. I remember that I was quite impressed with how well the meeting was structured and organized. And all members were very friendly. Then I decided to join this club. It’s been only two years since then. Now I am standing here as the new president unexpectedly. I have not finished even the Competent Communication Series. I admire how brave the members of the nomination committee were. As a matter of fact, no new officer has completed the CC manual at this very moment. There are no, what is called, senior, seasoned members in the officer team. We are very fresh. Therefore, I think I am here as the representative of the team rather than the president. Please allow me to share an inauguration remark from each officer with you.

*VPE TM Ryuji Yokoyama
I am honor to be a VPE for this term. Because of my personal reason, I was unable to contribute to the club last 2 years, so now is the payback time. I will try my best.

*VPM TM Naoko Adachi
I am very honoured to be the VPM this term. I will work hard towards further growth of the club maintaining the friendly atmosphere. I hope we have a successful term together.

*VPPR TM Hidenori Takahashi
Hidenori Takahashi as a PR, will develop Facebook and Twitter pages of KeyForce. I will take snaps in every meeting and upload to FB and TW. Would you mind clicking Like?

*Treasurer TM Izumi Matsubara
As Treasurer, I would like to do my best to keep an accurate accounting record, make efficient reimbursement to the members and so on, and contribute to this club as much as I can.

*Secretary TM Mana Tanaka
It’s been just few months since I joined Key Force, but I’ve already feel this place as my nest. It is my great pleasure serving the club as a secretary this year. I will make all my efforts to attend all the meetings and keep minutes.

*Sargent at Arms TM Yasunari Matsukawa
I am very honored to be accepted as a SAA this time.
In order to prevent you from moving around place to place, I will do my best in booking the venue.

I am very honored to be the second mail president of the prestigious club. I promise I will do my best. Having said that we, officers, are just a group of supporting actors. Main actors are all of us. Let’s make this term a great success again together.

Ryuichi Onoe 

July 5, 2016

Past President’s Comment

Mariko Kanno(2015-2016)
Kasey Yawata (2014-2015)
Mariko Misaka (2013-2014)
Atsuko Karakasa (2012-2013)
Rieko Ichiya/Ann Sado (2011-2012)
Akemi Maruyama (2010-2011)
Masako Kuroda (2009-2010)
Rieko Ichiya (2008-2009)
Yasuyo Sato (2007-2008)
Kazuko Kawauchi (2006-2007)
Karen Okano (2005-2006)
Kazuko Iwatsuki (2004-2005)
Masako Kuroda (2003-2004)