Jun 18th 2019 KeyForce Regular Meeting

TM Kiminari Azuma and TM Masato Ito celebrated our contribution for Spring Conference 2018 and Select Distinguished Club 2017-2018.

◆Word of the Evening

◆Table Topic Master – TM Akemi Maruyama

◆Prepared Speech Session
– We had 4 great presentations!

1. TM Misao Konishi
“How to create a wonderful story”

2. TM Yoko Watanabe
Pathways Presentation Mastery-2 “Evalustion and Feedback-1 ”
“What I learned from history”

3. TM Will Ellis
Pathways Presentation Mastery-1 “Icebreaker”
“My family and Me”

4. TM Ryuichi Onoe
Pathways Persuasive Influence-5 “Understanding Your Leadership Style”
“How to define leadership”

Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Kiminari Azuma
Best Prepared Speesh Speaker – TM Ryuichi Onoe
Best Evaluator – TM Mai Araki

Photos with all members and guests and socializing hour