May 7th 2019 KeyForce Regular Meeting

May 7th 2019
KeyForce Regular Meeting

◆Word of the Evening
Beef up(strengthen, increase)

◆Table Topic Master – TM Masako Kuroda

◆Prepared Speech Session
– We had 4 great presentations!
1. TM Ayako Yamamoto
Pathways Innovative Planning #2 Evaluation and Feedback
2. TM Mamta Reid
Pathways Presentation Mastery #5 Understanding Your Commucation Style
“what is it”
3. TM Sachiko Nozaki
Competent Communication Manual #6 Vocal Variety
“Making a recovery”
4. TM Tommy Takabu
The Professional Speaker #3 The Sales Training Speech
“Let’s Sell it!”

Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Naonobu Minato
Best Evaluator – TM Mai Araki
Best Prepared speaker – TM Tommy Takabu

Award winners and Tostmasters of the Evening