January 22th 2019 KeyForce Regular Meeting

January 22th 2019
KeyForce Regular Meeting

◆Word of the Evening
table(different meanings between British English and American English)
– We had 3 unique presentations!
1. TM Mamta Reid “To use or not to use”
Pathways Level 1- Presentation Mastery #3 – Evaluation and Feedback – 2
2. TM Mari Kanno “To Narrow Road to the Deep North by Basho”
Pathways Level 1- Strategic Relationships #4 – Reseaching and Presenting
3. TM Kesey Yawata “Disagreeing respectfully goes a long way in our lives”
Advanced Communication series – Storytelling #5 – Bringing History to Life
Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Mariko Misaka
Best Evaluator – TM Raphael Toyama
Best Prepared Speech – TM Kasey Yawata
with today’s all attenders