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December 18th 2018 KeyForce Regular Meeting

December18th 2018
KeyForce Regular Meeting

◆Word of the Evening

– We had 2 unique presentations!

1. TM Sachiko Nozaki “English and Me”
Pathways Level 1- Leadership Development 3 – Evaluation and Feedback – 2

2. TM Megumi Raphael Toyama “FarewelI to Copymachine”
Pathways Level 1

Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Marc Yoshikawa

A photo with today’s members during socializing hour

December 4th 2018 KeyForce Christmas Gala!

December 4th 2018

KeyForce Christmas Gala was held on December 4th at Sharon room of Aoyama Ivy Hall.

Having Ann in our gala, who is a founder of KeyForce, was a very wonderful moment for us.

Thank you for the warm greeing by Yukimasa Matsuda, Division Director and the toast by Maki Matsumoto, Area Director.

Spending time with a special speech, party game and entertainment music was really fun and joyful.

Also we could see beautiful and strong women’s power in KeyForce.