June 5th, 2018 Keyforce Regular Meeting

We had 4 amazing presentations!
1. TM Michiko Sawa “What is Femininity”
Evaluation and Feedback 1 – Innovative Planning #2
2. TM Sachiko Nozaki “Unique Hot Spring”
CC #4 – How to Say it
3. TM Tommy Takabu “Of Walls and Eggs by Haruki Murakami”
Speciality Speeches #4 – Read Out Loud
4. TM Mai Araki “Serving as your President”
The Leadership Excellence Series – Building a Team
Best Speaker – TM Mai Araki
Best Evaluator – TM Mariko Misaka
We took a gathering photo! 🙂
Mai worked on the Leadership Excellence Series for Advanced Leader Bronze award, looking back on her experience as President this year.