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June 19th 2018 KeyForce Regular Meeting

June 19th 2018
KeyForce Regular Meeting

◆Word of the Evening
The sky’s the limit.

– We had 3 amazing presentations!

1. TM Mari Kanno “KeyForce and My Career”
Pathways – Strategic Relationships Level 1 – The Ice Breaker

2. TM Mariko Misaka “At That Time”
Passways – Presentation Mastery Level 1 – The Ice Breaker

3. TM Masako Kuroda “My Toastmaster Life”
Passways – Presentation Mastery Level 1 – The Ice Breaker

Best Table Topic Speaker – Mamta
Best Prepared Speech Speaker – TM Mariko Misaka
Best Evaluator – TM Ryuichi Onoe

Award winners with Toastmaster of the Evening TM Kasey Yawata

2018-2019 officers attended the training

Some of the new officers attended the Club Officers Training (COT) yesterday at Nakameguro. We will formally start serving from July the 1st. This year, the District 76 (Toastmasters Japan) offered the training ahead of it. We learned a lot and will make our best as a new team.
From the left, TM Ryuichi Onoe (President), TM Naoko Adachi (Secretary), TM Kinuko Nakama (Treasurer), TM Asako Nakashima (Vice President Education), TM Masaaki Ito (Sergeant at Arms)

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June 5th, 2018 Keyforce Regular Meeting

We had 4 amazing presentations!
1. TM Michiko Sawa “What is Femininity”
Evaluation and Feedback 1 – Innovative Planning #2
2. TM Sachiko Nozaki “Unique Hot Spring”
CC #4 – How to Say it
3. TM Tommy Takabu “Of Walls and Eggs by Haruki Murakami”
Speciality Speeches #4 – Read Out Loud
4. TM Mai Araki “Serving as your President”
The Leadership Excellence Series – Building a Team
Best Speaker – TM Mai Araki
Best Evaluator – TM Mariko Misaka
We took a gathering photo! 🙂
Mai worked on the Leadership Excellence Series for Advanced Leader Bronze award, looking back on her experience as President this year.