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May22th 2017 Keyforce Regular Meeting

– Word of the evening “Optimal”
– We had 3 amazing presentations!
1. TM Giang Bui “Stage fright …… or fight?”
Evaluation and Feedback 1 – Effective Coaching #2
2. TM Ryuji Yokoyama “2nd Icebreaker”
Icebreaker – Team Collaboration #1
3. TM Ryuichi Onoe “What is the Toastmasters Club to me?”
Icebreaker – Persuasive Information #1
Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Ryuichi Onoe
Best Evaluator – TM Masako Kuroda
Award winners with Toastmaster of the Evening TM Mari Kanno, and the KANPAI photo at the social hour!

May11th, 2018 District 76 Spring Conference Special Workshop

It was the greatest honor for Keyforce Toastmasters Club to host a special workshop at the District 76 Spring Contest.
We welcomed DTM Pat Johnson, past Toastmasters International President on a workshop about the “Making of Pathways.”
With more than 100 Toastmasters around Japan attending, Keyforce coordinated the event in a big success!


May 8th, 2018 Regular Meeting


– Word of the evening “Sanguine”
– We had 2 amazing presentations!

1. TM Jason Shi “Chinese Wedding Culture”
Speaking to Inform #2 – Resource for informing

2. TM Tommy Takabu “Tommy’ Speech Clinic”
Speciality speech #3

Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Mai Araki

We took a gathering photo! 🙂