March 27th, 2018 Special Workshop with the Pathways Ambassador

– Welcome TM Giang Bui to Keyforce! She is our new member, very enthusiastic and passionate with lots of inspiring insights. We are very happy to have you with us.
– We had 8 table topic speeches! A big round of applause to TM Kasey Yawata, our Table Topic Master of the night with various great topics!
– We welcomed TM Naoki Tamura, Pathways Ambassador to deepen our understanding about Pathways.


Pathways is the new Education System of Toastmasters International, launching on May 3rd in Japan.
It is a refined system that elevates our communication level, both in public and private.

Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Giang Bui

1. Gathering photo with TM Naoki Tamura
2. Induction ceremony of TM Giang Bui
3. TM Giang Bui got her first “Best Table Topic Speaker” from her first challenge!