January 23rd, 2018 Keyforce Regular Meeting

– Word of the Evening “Beyond measure”
– We had 3 very motivating speeches!

1. TM Jason Shi “JAPAN: In My Eyes”
The Entertaining Speaked #1 – The Entertaining Speech

2. TM Tommy Takabu “Quest”
Speciality Speeches #2 – Uplift the Spirit

3. TM Akemi Maruyama “Controlling Your Fear”
The Better Speaker Series

Best Prepared Speaker – TM Tommy Takabu
Best Evaluator – TM Mariko Misaka
Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Mai Araki

Award winners with Toastmaster of the Evening TM Naoko Adachi

◆President’s comments
Tonight’s meeting was very motivating for all of us. Speeches were related about how to become better speakers and how Toastmasters – especially Keyforce – has become strength in the Toastmaster experience.
The Word of the Evening perfectly matched the night’s core theme and all members were excited to be a part of the inspiring night.
My passion for Keyforce rose high again tonight – let’s make the 5 months left in this year a successful and motivating time for everyone!