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December 19th, 2017 Keyforce Regular Meeting

– 4 wonderful speakers!

1. TM Preeti Gupta “Overthinking”
CC#2 – Organize Your Speech

2. TM Kinuko Nakama “How Should I Study English?”
CC#3 – Get to the Point

3. TM Ryuji Yokoyama “The Day”
Storytelling #2 – Let’s Get Personal

4. TM Kasey Yawata “Would You Believe a Supernatural Power?”
Storytelling #4 – The Touching Story

– We had many Toastmasters that was a former Keyforce member but now have established their own clubs. We had a fun and professional night with many experienced members!!
A big thank you to the Toastmaster of the Evening, TM Masako Kuroda for inviting all guests!

Best Prepared Speaker – TM Ryuji Yokoyama
Best Evaluator – TM Ryuichi Onoe
Best Table Topic Speaker – TM Mariko Misaka

Award winners with Toastmaster of the Evening TM Masako Kuroda