In-house Evaluation Speech Contest 2015

The Keyforce 2015 In-house Evaluation Contest was successfully conducted.
Congratulations to TM Mai Araki for winning the first place! She will be representing Keyforce and competing in the Area contest at Ochanomizu University on October 4th.

Thank you to all the contest officials for your dedicated leaderships.
Special thanks is expressed to Immediate Past District Governer TM Hisashi Watanabe for an high-level and exciting speech about his travel experience in Paris, “Never Give Up.”

First place
TM Mai Araki

Second place
TM Ayah Kakinuma

A big round of applause to
TM Miki Saito
TM Ryuichi Onoe
for wonderful evaluations as well.

☆Contest Officials
Contest Chair: TM Kasey Yawata
Chief Judge: TM Mariko Misaka
Timers: TM Yasuyo Sato, TM Hidenori Takahashi
Tally Counters: TM Taeko Hayashi, TM Takuya Tsubota, TM Izumi Matsubara
Interviewer: TM Masako Kuroda
Sergent at Arms: TM Jason Shi, TM Yasunari Matsukawa
Photographer: TM Chihiro Inoue

☆Test Speech
TM Hisashi Watanabe (Kanagawa TMC)
“Never Give Up”

In-house Evaluation Speech Contest 2015
In-house Evaluation Speech 2015 Contest Winners
Our skilled contestants. Great jobs!
Our skilled contestants. Great jobs!