Meeting Minutes of July 21st 2015

In the lovely evening in summer, we gathered again and enjoyed 4 speeches with a variety of themes and objectives.

☆Prepared speakers
1st speaker: TM Izumi Matsubara
Project #3 “Get to the Point”
Title: “Maina-chan”
Evaluator: TM Yasuo Sato
2nd speaker: TM Chihiro Inoue
Project #4 “How to say it”
Title: “Broad Beans and Blue Eggs”
Evaluator: TM Miki Saito
3rd speaker: TM Fuyuki Kawano
Project #4 The Touching Story” from Advanced Manual “Story Telling”
Title: “1 Year Dormitory Life with Rules”
Evaluator: TM Ayah Kakinuma
4th speaker: TM Kasey Yawata
Project #5″The Humorous Speech” from Advanced Communication Series― Humorously Speaking
Title: “An Unusual Job Seeker- ‖”
Evaluator: TM Ann Sado Honjo

☆Word of the evening
“beef up”
☆Thank you for your leaderships
Toastmaster of the Evening: TM Tommy Takabu
Grammarian: TM Ayah Kakinuma
Am-Uh Counter: TM Ryuichi Onoe
Timer: TM Ryuji Yokoyama
Vote Counter: TM Ryutaro Inagaki
Assistant Vote Counter: Akemi Maruyama
Thought of the Evening: TM Takuya Tsubota
Word of the Evening: TM Akemi Maruyama