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Meeting Minutes of April 21, 2015

It was an enjoyable evening with variety of speeches from Basic and Advanced manuals.

Congratulations to all speakers!

Best Speaker:  TM Mai Araki
Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Ann Sado Honjo
Best Evaluator: TM Masako Kuroda

Meeting Agenda:

Thought of the Evening:  TM Chihiro Inoue

Word of the Evening: TM Chao Lieu       “Cluster”

Toastmaster of the evening: TM Kasey Yawata

Table Topic Session: TM Izumi Matsubara

Prepared Speakers

1. TM Ryuichi Onoe
Basic Manual, Project#3, Get to the Point
Title:  A Tip to Cut Weight

2. TM Mai Araki
Basic Manual,  Project#9, Persuade with Power
Title:  The KeyForce T-shirt

3. TM Motokazu Kanokogi
Advanced Manual, -Story telling-Project No2,  Let’s Get Personal
Title: Let’s Enjoy Aging

4. TM Mari Kanno
Advanced Manual, -Speaking to Inform Project No.2,
Title: Time Management

General Evaluator TM Takefumi Suga
Evaluator 1. TM Masako Kuroda
Evaluator 2. TM Atsuko Karakasa
Evaluator 3. TM Yasuyo Sato
Evaluator 4. TM Mineko Hasegawa

Grammarian: TM Takuya Tsubota
Am-Uh Counter: TM Hidenori Takahashi
Timer: TM Fuyuki Kawano
Vote Counter :TM Yumi Ono

Meeting Minutes of April 7, 2015

Our club is expanding rapidly with two new members and joined by 6 guests. 

We enjoyed speeches from variety of levels and it was a fruitful meeting

as always!

Best Speaker:        TM Miki Saito 

Best Evaluator:      TM Kasey Yawata & TM Motokazu Kanokogi

Best Table Topics: TM Mai Araki


Toastmaster of the Evening:  TM Akemi Maruyama

Word of the Evening:             TM Takuya Tsubota

Table Topics Master:               TM Chihiro Inoue

General Evaluator:                  TM Chao Liu

 Evaluators:                           TM Atsuko Karakasa

                                                TM Motokazu Kanokogi

                                                TM Masako Kuroda

                                                TM Kasey Yawata

Prepared Speakers:                  

1. TM Ryuji Yokoyama  “Risky? So What?”

                                      Project #6 “Vocal Variety” (Basic Manual)

2. TM Takefumi Suga    “What Brings Your Healthy Life?”

                                      Project #2 “The Radio Talk Show” (Advance Manual)

3. TM Miki Saito             “Live a Simple Life, Live the Life Now”

                                 Project #2 “Resource for Informing” (Advance Manual)

4. TM Ann Sado Honjo   “Presenting the Results”

                   Special High Performance Leadership Project and Final Report


 Grammarian:       TM Hidenori Takahashi

 Am-Uh Counter:  TM Izumi Matsubara

 Timer:                  TM Yuki Kiminari

 Vote Counter:      TM Mari Kanno




Meeting Minutes of March 17, 2015

We had another fantastic meeting on March 17 with many guests.

At the end of the meeting our representative contestant, TM Kakinuma rehearsed her contest speech.  We wish her the best of luck at Area 22 International Speech Contest.

Congratulations to all speakers!

Best Speaker:  TM Mai Araki

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Kasey Yawata

Best Evaluator: TM Ann Sado Honjo

Meeting Agenda:

Thought of the Evening:  TM Yumi Ono

Word of the Evening: TM Masako Kuroda “Versatile”

Toastmaster of the evening: TM Taeko Hayashi

Table Topic Session: TM Ryuichi Onoe

Prepared Speakers

  1. TM Hidenori Takahashii

Basic Manual, Project#5 , “Your Body Speaks”

Title:  My first mountain climbing

  1. TM Naonobu Minato

Basic Manual,  Project#6, “Vocal Variety”

Title:  Gauguin’s questions

  1. TM Mai Araki

Basic Manual, Project #8 “Get Comfortable with Visual Aids”

Title: Fit your color

General Evaluator TM Arito Tokimoto

Evaluators 1. TM Kasey Yawata  2. TM Ann Sado Honjo  3. TM Mineko Hasegawa


Grammarian: TM Mariko Misaka    Am-Uh Counter: TM Yuki Kiminami

Timer: TMChihiro Inoue    Vote Counter :TM Rumiko Utsu