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Area 22 International Speech Contest 2015

Area 22 International Speech Contest 2015 was held at Ochanomizu University on March 29th.
KeyForce organized this contest for both English and Japanese as a host club .
English contest chair was TM Ann Sado Hojo and Japanese one was TM Mariko Misaka.
They did great job to make this contest excellent and successful with a lot of support by contest helpers.

The results are:
English Speech Contest:
1st place – TM Tomoyuki Nii         2nd place – TM Ayah Kakinuma
Japanese Speech Contest:
1st place – TM Yukihiro Arai          2nd place – TM Taeko Hayashi

English Contest

Japanese Contest



Meeting Minutes of March 3rd, 2015

It was an enjoyable evening with a mix of basic and advanced manual speakers.

Congratulations to all speakers!

Best Speaker:  TM Masako Kuroda

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Mariko Misaka

Best Evaluator: TM Saito

Meeting Agenda:

Thought of the Evening:  TM Chihiro Inoue

Word of the Evening: TM Naonobu Minato

Toastmaster of the evening: TM Atsuko Karakasa

Table Topic Session: TM Yumi Ono

Prepared Speakers

  1. TM Yuki Kiminami

Basic Manual, Project#1 , The Ice Breaker

Title:  My inferiority complex and fashion

  1. TM Fuyuki Kawano 

Basic Manual,  Project#3, Get to the Point

Title:  Food additives around us

  1. TM Masako Kuroda

Advanced Manual, -Story telling-Project No.1 “The Folk Tale”

Title: “Two Candles “

  1. TM Ann Sado Honjo

“High Performance Leadership”manual’s part 2

Title: Call for action: Area 22 International Speech Contest

General Evaluator TM Mineko Hasegawa

Evaluators 1. TM Kasey Yawata 2. TM Mari Kanno 3. TM Rieko Ichiya 4. TM Miki Saito


Grammarian: TM Mai Araki Am-Uh Counter: TM Takuya Tsubota

Timer TM: Ryuichi Onoe Vote Counter :TM Izumi Matsubara