Meeting minutes of January 20th 2015

We enjoyed our first meeting of the year with variety of speeches from different levels and many guests.  

Congratulations to TM Mariko Misaka (Best Speaker), TM Mai Araki (Best Table Topics Master) and TM Ann Sado Honjo (Evaluator)!

 1/20 Meeting Agenda: 

New Member Induction Ceremony           TM Kasey Yawata
Word of the Evening                                TM Ryuichi Onoe
Business Session                                      TM Kasey Yawata

Toastmaster of the Evening                      TM Miki Saito
Grammarian                                              TM Mari Kanno
Um-ah Counter                                          TM Nanonobu Minato
Timer                                                         TM Chihiro Inoue
Vote Counter                                             TM Rumiko Utsu
Table Topics Session                                  TM Takefumi Suga

Prepared Speeches

1st Speaker                                              TM Izumi Takahashi
Basic Manual, Project #2 “Organize your Speech”
   Title: Mapo Dofu 

2nd Speaker                                             TM Hidenori Takahashi
Basic Manual, Project #4 “How to Say It”
   Title: Karasawa Summer Clinic 

3rd Speaker                                              TM Arito Tokimoto
Advanced Manual, Humorously Speaking, Project #1 “Warm Up Your Audience”
    Title: How to win friends and influence people 

4th Speaker                                               TM Mariko Misaka
Advanced Manual, Special Occasion Speech, Project #3 “The Roast”
   Title: He is Awesome 

General Evaluator                                          TM Akemi Maruyama
   1st Evaluator                                               TM Masako Kuroda
   2nd Evaluator                                              TM Ann Sado Honjo
   3rd Evaluator                                               TM Motokazu Kanokogi
   4th Evaluator                                                TM Taeko Hayashi