Meeting Minutes of December 16th

We had the final meeting of 2014 having many guests.

Toastmaster of the evening: TM Misaka
Thought of the evening: TM Liu
Word of the evening:  TM Ono (“meticulous”)
Grammarian:  TM Matsubara
Um-ah Counter:  TM Onoe
Timer:  TM Yokoyama
Vote Counter:  TM Sato
Table Topics Master:  TM Araki

Prepared Speakers:
1. TM Rumiko Utsu
Project#1 “Ice Breaker”
Title: “Learning from Mistakes”
2. TM Hidenori Takahashi
Project#3 “Get to the Point”
Title: “LASIK”
3. TM Takefumi Suga
Advanced Manual Project #1  “The Goodwill Speech”
Title: “What Do You Believe?”
4. TM Akemi Maruyama
Advanced Manual Project #4  “Dramatic Talk”
Title: “Just Because She is Wearing a Skirt”

General Evaluator:  TM Hasegawa
1. Evaluator: TM Ichiya
2. Evaluator: TM Karakasa
3. Evaluator: TM Yawata
4. Evaluator: TM Honjo

Best Speakers:
Prepared speaker:  TM Akemi Maruyama
Table Topic speaker:  TM Chao Liu
Evaluator:  TM Ann Sado Honjo