Meeting minutes of November 4th, 2014

We enjoyed the evening with  joined by 5 guests including 2 foreign guests from Australia (a toastmaster in Australia) and Mongolia (working in Japan). Our Australian guest gave us some fresh views on how we can conduct our evaluation sessions. We have always new things to learn from toastmasters in other parts of the world!

Toastmaster of the evening: TM Araki
Thought of the evening: TM Saito (Halloween)
Word of the evening:  TM Kawano  (“Staunch”)
Grammarian:  TM Inoue
Um-ah Counter:  TM Utsu
Timer:  TM Ono
Vote Counter:  TM Onoe
Table Topics Master:  TM Minato 

Prepared Speakers: 
1. TM Hidenori Takahashi 
     Project#2 “Organize your speech”
     Title: “Home is Where You Make it”
2. TM Kuroda
      Advanced Project#3 “Sell a Product”
     Title: “Saver to lead your happy senior life”
3. TM Kanokogi
     Project #9  “Persuade with Power”
     Title: “The Competent Communication Manual is always
               a Great Help”
4. TM Izumi
    Project  #1 “Ice breaker”
    Title: “My Mother and I” 

General Evaluator: TM Karakasa
1. TM Tokimoto
2. TM Kanno
3. TM Maruyama
4. TM Ann Sado 
Best Speaker:  TM Izumi
Best Evaluator: TM Ann Sado
Best Table Topics Speaker: Mr. Michael Steinhard (guest)