Meeting Minutes of October 7th

We had another fruitful with six guests with a keen interest in KeyForce. and one induction ceremony of a new member. Keyforce is getting bigger and bigger each month!  We also had two Ice Breaker Speeches by two members who recently joined our club. 

Word of the Evening: Mai Araki (Tempest, Tempestuous)
Toastmaster of the Evening:  Arito Tokimoto
Thought of the Evening:  Mineko Hasegawa
Grammarian: Yasuyo Sato
Am-Uh Countewr: Ann Sado Honjo
Timer: Chihiro Inoue
Vote Counter: Yumi Ono
Table Topic Master: Fuyuki Kawano

Prepared Speakers: 
    1. Hidenori Takahashi
        Project No.1 “Ice Breaker”
        Title: “English and I”
    2. Ryuichi Onoe
        Project No. 1 “Ice Breaker”
        Title:  “My boy’s day and Kids’ names”

   3. Miki Saito
       Advanced Manual Projrct No.1 “Speaking to Inform”
       Title: “Inemuri – A Key to a Healthy Life”

General Evaluator:  Kazuko Iwatsuki
1. Marin Kanno
2. Atsuko Karakasa
3. Mariko Misaka

Special guest speech:  
   “International Japan”         Ms. Pia von Waldau

Best Table Topic Speaker: Ayah Kakinuma
Best Evaluator: Mariko Misaka
Best Speaker: Miki Saito