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Meeting Minutes of October 21st

We enjoyed speeches from a variety of levels last night with four guests joining us. 
Toastmasters is also not only about becoming a good speaker but a good listener and evaluator. Giving feedback to speeches so speakers can
make improvements is an important part of our mission as well. The speakers and the audience learned alot from our experienced evaluators. 
Toastmaster of the evening: TM Hasegawa
Thought of the evening: TM Kuroda (Vacation in Portugal)
Word of the evening:  TM Saito  (“Juxtapose”)
Table Topics Master:  TM Iwatsuki 
Prepared Speakers: 
1. TM Ono
     Project#2 “Organize Your Speech”
     Title: “Power of Protein”
2. TM Minato
     Project #5 “Body Speaks”
     Title: “Happening of my left leg”
3. TM Kanno 
     Project #10 “Inspire your audience”
     Title: “Try new things”
4. TM Sato
    Advanced Manual – Special Occasion Speeches #5 Accepting An Award
    Title: “Let’s make peaceful world together!”

General Evaluator: TM Araki
1. TM Sado Honjo
2. TM Yawata
3. TM Ichiya
4. TM Maruyama
Best Speaker:  TM Ono and TM Kanno
Best Evaluator: TM Yawata
Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Kakinuma

Meeting Minutes of October 7th

We had another fruitful with six guests with a keen interest in KeyForce. and one induction ceremony of a new member. Keyforce is getting bigger and bigger each month!  We also had two Ice Breaker Speeches by two members who recently joined our club. 

Word of the Evening: Mai Araki (Tempest, Tempestuous)
Toastmaster of the Evening:  Arito Tokimoto
Thought of the Evening:  Mineko Hasegawa
Grammarian: Yasuyo Sato
Am-Uh Countewr: Ann Sado Honjo
Timer: Chihiro Inoue
Vote Counter: Yumi Ono
Table Topic Master: Fuyuki Kawano

Prepared Speakers: 
    1. Hidenori Takahashi
        Project No.1 “Ice Breaker”
        Title: “English and I”
    2. Ryuichi Onoe
        Project No. 1 “Ice Breaker”
        Title:  “My boy’s day and Kids’ names”

   3. Miki Saito
       Advanced Manual Projrct No.1 “Speaking to Inform”
       Title: “Inemuri – A Key to a Healthy Life”

General Evaluator:  Kazuko Iwatsuki
1. Marin Kanno
2. Atsuko Karakasa
3. Mariko Misaka

Special guest speech:  
   “International Japan”         Ms. Pia von Waldau

Best Table Topic Speaker: Ayah Kakinuma
Best Evaluator: Mariko Misaka
Best Speaker: Miki Saito

Induction Ceremony

We hold “Induction Ceremony” for new members.
VP Membership conducts this ceremony for new members to become KeyForce member officially.  All members welcome a new member by shaking hands.

Induction ceremony for Hidenori Takahashi

Induction ceremony for Hidenori Takahashi

Induction ceremony for Ryuichi Onoe

Induction ceremony for Ryuichi Onoe

Induction ceremony for Rumiko Utsu

Induction ceremony for Rumiko Utsu