Meeting minutes of September 16

We had a fruitful meeting with four guests joining us including a Taiwanese guest working in Japan. We were also happy to conduct an induction ceremony for our two new male members who recently joined Keyforce. Our club is becoming more and more diverse with both male and female of different backgrounds and age groups.

Before our regular meeting, our president Kasey Yawata presented this term’s budget proposal asking for all members’ approval. After our usual prepared speech session, all three contestants who will represent our club in the humorous speech contest had a chance to practice their speeches and receive feedback from members and guests.

Toastmaster of the Evening:  Yasuyo Sato

Thought of the Evening:  Fuyuki Kawano

Word of the Evening:  Miki Saito  (Tonight’s word: Capricious)

Prepared Speakers: 

    1. Yumi Ono
        Project No.1 “Ice Breaker”
        Title: “Run the Miles”
    2. Chihiro Inoue        
        Project No. 3 “Get to the Point”
        Title:  “Mountain Climbing”

General Evaluator:  Masako Kuroda
Evaluators:   1.  Mai Araki 
                      2.  Ann Sado Honjo

Humorous Contest Rehearsal: 
     English speech contestants: Kasey Yawata / Mariko Misaka
     Japanese speech contestant: Atsuko Karakasa