Meeting minutes of August 19th

We had rather quiet meeting with less participants in relaxed atmosphere due to Obon season.
But each session was very enjoyable and impressive with various speeches.

Thought of Thought of  theEvening:TMMisaka                                                                                                 Word of the Evening: “Discern” TM Yawata
Toastmaster of the Evening: TM Iwatsuki
Table Topics Session:  TM Inoue
Prepared Speakers:
1. Basic Manual No. 6 “Vocal Variety”
Title: Mallory        by TM Araki
2. Basic Manual  “Make Them Laugh”
Title: A Positive Quote about Aging       byTM Kanokogi
General Evaluator: TM Kakinuma
1. TM Kuroda
2. TM Hasegawa

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Sado
(No voting for Prepared speech and Evaluation)