Meeting minutes of July 15th

Accompanied by three guests this evening, we enjoyed prepared speeches from various levels.

The guests also took up the challenge in speaking during the Table Topics Session.

Thought of the Evening: TM Maruyama

Word of the Evening: “Absolutely” TM Misaka

Toastmaster of the Evening: TM Liu

Table Topics Session: “Holiday” TM Saito

Prepared Speakers:

1. Basic Manual No. 4 “How to make an innovation?”

TM Minato

2. Basic Manual No. 10 “Shinning Sun”

TM Tokimoto

3. Advanced Manual (Story Telling project #1) “Aody Saleratus”

TM Karakasa

General Evaluator: TM Kanno


1. TM Sato

2. TM Hasegawa

3. TM Kuroda


Best Prepared Speaker: TM Karakasa

Best Evaluator: TM Kuroda

Best Table Topics Speaker: Ms. Matsubara (guest)