Meeting minutes of July 1st

Meeting minutes of July 1st, 2014

Attendees: Member: 20 Guest: 5

Date: July 1st, 2014
Venue: Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza


Today was  the start of the new term with our first new mail president, TM Kasey Yawata!
We bid farewell to our outgoing officers and congratulated our incoming officers. We received congratulatory commments from our District 76 Governor TM Watanabe. It was a fruitful meeting with many enthusiastic guests including governors Watanabe and Pyarauk, a perfect meeting to start the new term!

Toastmaster of the Evening: TM Kanno
Thought of the Evening: TM Inoue
Word of the Evening (“Rapture”) : TM Misaka
Table Topics Session (questions on pets): TM Sado
General Evaluator: TM Maruyama

Prepared Speakers:
1. TM Kawano: “Best Wedding Timing”
2. TM Liu: “New Promising Solar Cells: Perovskite”
3. TM Sato:  “Wonderful Dictionary for the Albanian Ambassador”

Speech Evaluators:
1. TM Saito
2. TM Iwatsuki
3. TM Ichiya

Best Speaker: TM Kawano
Best Evaluator: TM Saito
Best Table Topics Speech:  Onoe san (guest)