Past President’s Comment (2013-2014)

Mariko Misaka

Thank you for joining us tonight to start off the new term. I am humbly honored to take this opportunity to be the president of Keyforce Club which has the great history of contributions made by pioneering members.

I would like to express my appreciation to those senior members. At the same time, let me thank the outgoing officers, especially the Immediate past president, Atsuko, for their great work.

To be honest, I hesitated to take over this big responsibility from such skillful successive presidents when I was asked. But once I recognized the amazing line up of new officers, I made up my mind.

As you know, KeyForce officers used to be all women. But the new officers’ team includes three men and has wide range of members from ages 20 to 60. How lucky I am to be able to work together with such an incredible team with full of diversity! I am certain that this new team will be able to bring new wind and epoch making ideas and styles along with them.

My key message tonight is to find something new. As already known, Toastmasters is where leaders are made. And, I feel that Keyforce is where we can set forth to find something new.

Obviously, KeyForce has brought about the change in my second life. After the difficult caretaking stage was ended, I started looking for something new to do. Then I found it. This is it! There is always a new challenge at KeyForce. Looking back at my journey in KeyForce over the past three years, I experienced so many things that I never did before.

Now it is time for me to give back to you as much as I have received from KeyForce. During my presidency, I would like to provide you with the opportunity to challenge new things as much as possible. This would include things such as being a contestant, contest chairman, judge, MC of events, and other new roles.

At the new term, let’s enjoy finding something challenging to do together. After all, learning never ends.

As the president, I am always ready to listen to your voice and do my best.

Mariko Misaka
July 2, 2013