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Meeting minutes of June 17th

Meeting minutes of June 17th, 2014

Attendees: Member: 19 Guest: 2
Date: June 17th, 2014
Venue: Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza

“The last meeting of the current club term was out of norm in terms of
In other words, we skipped the usual Table Topic Speech Session. Instead,
we had an Effective Evaluation Workshop conducted by a veteran member
having a Toastmaster experience of over ten years.
The Workshop as expected turned out to be extremely useful and inspiring.
It was particularly so in view of the fact that evaluating other speaker’s
speech is an ultimate impromptu speech.

The four prepared Speeches were truly diversified thanks to the three
excellent speeches at
different levels from Competent Communication Manual and the superb fourth
from Advanced Manual.

It was phenomenal that six guests visited us including three for the second
time and enjoyed the glimpse of our dynamic meeting agenda.”


Opening Remarks & Welcome Guests TM Mariko Misaka

Thought of the Evening TM Naonobu Minato
Word of the Evening”consternation” TM Chihiro Inoue
Business Session TM Mariko Misaka

Toastmaster of the Evening TM Kasey Yawata
Grammarian TM Chao Liu
Am-Uh Counter TM Yasuyo Sato
Timer TM Miki Saito
Vote Counter TM Motokazu Kanokogi

Prepared Speech Session
1st speaker “4 Key elements” TM Fuma Bando
Project#2 – Organize Your Speech

2nd Speaker “Please don’t drop me down” TM Mai Araki
Project No. 5 – Your Body Speaks

3rd Speaker “What’s in a name” TM Ayah Kakinuma
Project No. 7 – Research Your Topic

4th Speaker – “The trip is very fun” TM Taeko Hayashi
Advanced Manual – Humorously Speaking

Evaluation Session
General Evaluator TM Arito Tokimoto
1st Evaluator TM Mariko Misaka
2nd Evaluator TM Mineko Hasegawa
3rd Evaluator TM Masako Kuroda
4th Evaluator TM Mari Kanno

General Evaluation TM Arito Tokimoto

Report Session
WE Report TM Chihiro Inoue
Um-ah Counter’s Report TM Yasuyo Sato
Grammarian’s Report TM Chao Liu
Vote Counter’s Report TM Motokazu Kanokogi

Effective Evaluation Workshop TM Rieko Ichiya
“Evaluate to Motivate”

Guest comments, Closing remarks, TM Mariko Misaka

Best Table Topic Speaker
Best Evaluator   TM Masako Kuroda
Best Speaker

Meeting minutes of June 3rd

Meeting minutes of June 3rd, 2014

Attendees: Member: 16 Guest: 3
Date: June 3rd, 2014
Venue: Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza

“The meeting began with the Business Session in which the new club
officials were announced.
It heralded the upcoming new club term effective 7/01.

The Table Topic Speech Session conducted by a veteran member was
phenomenally witty and humours.

The next Prepared Speech Session turned out amusing of the first romantic
speech by a young member and touching and inspiring of the subsequent three
speeches by seasoned members.
All well evaluated by the experienced Toastmasters.

Three guests enthusiastically expressed their mindfulness of the need to
train themselves in the environment like ours.”


Opening Remarks & Welcome Guests    TM Mariko Misaka
Thought of the Evening    TM Ayah Kakinuma
Word of the Evening    “serendipity”    TM Naonobu Minato
Business Session    TM Mariko Misaka

Toastmaster of the Evening    TM Yasuyo Sato
Timer            TM Chihiro Inoue
Vote Counter         TM Fuyuki Kawano
AH Counter         TM Ann Sado Honjo
Grammarian        TM Rieko Ichiya

Table topic        TM Masako Kuroda
Timer’s report        TM Chihiro Inoue

Prepared Speech Session
1st Speaker: ” Fleeting Trouble and Permanent Love”  TM Chao Liu
Project #.6  Vocal Variety
2nd Speaker:  “Title: Gerontology:  How to live the periodof life expectancy.”   TM Motokazu Kanokogi
Project No.8   Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
3rd Speaker  ” Eulogy to an Everlasting Star ”   TM Mariko Misaka
Project No.2 Speaking in Praise Advanced Manual :Special Occasion
4th Speaker  ” Renaissance man”   TM Akemi Maruyama
Project No.2 Speaking in Praise Advanced     Manual :Special Occasion speeches

General Evaluation     TM Masako Kuroda
1st Evaluator    TM Mari Kanno
2nd Evaluator    TM Taeko Hayashi
3rd Evaluator    TM Ann Sado Honjo
4th Evaluator    TM Kasey Yawata

General Evaluation     TM Masako Kuroda

Report Session
WE Report    TM Naonobu Minato
AH Counter’s Report      TM Ann Sado Honjo
Grammarian’s  Report  TM Rieko Ichiya

Best Table Topic Speaker   TM Rieko Ichiya
Best Evaluator                   TM Ann Sado Honjo
Best PP Speaker                TM Mariko Misaka