Meeting minutes of May 27th, 2014

Meeting minutes of May 27th, 2014

Attendees: Member: 16 Guest: 4
Date: May 27th, 2014
Venue: Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza


A young member spoke for the Thought of The Evening about his doubly
exciting accomplishments; one professionally and the other personally,
lighting up the attendees faces with smiles. One is his award winning
presentation at the annual meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan and the
other is his engagement. He particularly thanked the KF members for
inspiring and helping him with his public speaking skills. All
congratulated his great events.

The four Prepared Speeches were all unique and distinct in their own ways
under respective Toastmasters project, reflecting the club’s diversified

Three new guests visited and each played a part in the meeting in a
positive fashion.


Opening Remarks & Welcome Guests TM Mariko Misaka
Thought of the Evening  TM Chao Liu
Word of the Evening  TM Mari Kanno   “rhetoric/rhetorical”
Business Session TM Mariko Misaka

Toastmaster of the Evening  TM Mariko Misaka

Grammarian TM Mari Kanno
Am-Uh Counter TM Akemi Maruyama
Timer TM Mai Araki
Vote Counter TM Chao Liu

Table Topic Session TM Taeko Hayashi

1st Speaker TM Fuyuki Kawano
Project #1 “The Ice Breaker”
Title “My personality”

2nd Speaker TM Chihiro Inoue
Project #2  “Organize your speech”
Title “Embracing the Introvert in You”

3rd Speaker TM Naonobu Minato
Project #3 ”Get to the point”
Title “Joy of Travel”

4th Speaker TM Kasey Yawata
Project #10   “Inspire your Audience”
Title “Power of Apology”

General Evaluator TM Mineko Hasegawa

1st Evaluator TM Masako Kuroda
2nd Evaluator TM Atsuko Karakasa
3rd Evaluator TM Kazuko Iwatsuki
4th Evaluator TM Rieko Ichiya

Best table topic speaker TM Akemi Maruyama
Best Evaluator TM Kazuko Iwatsuki
Best Speaker TM Kasey Yawata