Meeting minutes of April 15th, 2014

Meeting minutes of April 15th, 2014

Attendees: Member: 16 Guest: 4
Date: April 15th, 2014
Venue: Aoyama-Tokyo Women’s Plaza


We had a fantastic KeyForce Toastmasters Club meeting with many guests! Very interesting Ice Breaker speech as well as the fresh and crisp speeches by other two young members and the special guest speaker. Amazingly, five guests visited the meeting; originated in Poland, USA, China and Japan.
They all contributed to the exciting and inspiring meeting with their witty answers or an entertaining speech.


Opening Remarks & Welcome Guests TM Mariko Misaka

Word of the Evening TM Motokazu Kanokogi “Alert”

Business Session TM Mariko Misaka

Toastmaster of the Evening TM Taeko Hayashi

Grammarian TM Masako Kuroda
Am-Uh Counter TM Yasuyo Sato
Timer TM Atsuko Karakasa
Vote Counter TM Mari Kanno

Table Topic Session TM Kasey Yawata

1st Speaker TM Chihiro Inoue
Project 1: The Ice Breaker
Title “Buen Viaje”

2nd Speaker TM Mai Araki
Project #3 Get to the Point
Title “Inspired leaders start with WHY”

3rd Speaker TMChao Liu
Project #5 Your Body Speaks
Title “One day of Chinese Buddhist in Temple”

4th Speaker TM Takefumi Suga from Sakura TMC
Project #10 10.Inspire Your Audience
Title “Nonsense, Stupid, but Correct”

General Evaluator TM Arito Tokimoto

1st Evaluator TM Akemi Maruyama
2nd Evaluator TM Mariko Misaka
3rd Evaluator TM Mineko Hasegawa
4th Evaluator Audience

Best table tppic speker Guest Ms Junko Nagao
Best Evaluator TM Mariko Misaka
Best Speaker TM Takafumi Suga

Guest/Member Comments
Closing Remarks and Adjournment TM Mariko Misaka