Past President’s Comment(2011-2012)

Ann Sado

Lead with compassion and divine inspiration!

Distinguished Guests, Fellow Toastmasters, and Friends,

Thank you all for joining us today to start off the new term.
Governor Muko, I appreciate your attending despite the typhoon to officiate the installation ceremony.

I strongly believe Women have the Key to Unlock the Force in the Universe as in our club name, KeyForce!
Therefore, the Natural Force, the Typhoon, is here to enjoy with us great speeches tonight.

After 10 years, I am asked to be the President again! My inaugural speech will be very simple.
My key message is, “Lead with compassion and divine inspiration!”

Let’s have love and passion in what we do within this Club to foster especially the leadership and communication skills among women and young men, who are still very often the target of unfair treatment within the Japanese society among corporations and organizations where older men still predominate at the decision-making level.

KeyForce Toastmasters Club gives power to each Club member to take part in the decision making process, as well as to express what they feel is inspirational. We respect our diverseness of being female or male, young or senior, with or without experience, foreign in nationality or background! We are here to respect the diversity in our Club and to create an inclusive atmosphere of respect, friendliness, and openness to allow each member and guest to voice her or his opinion! I would like to propose a better mentoring system to support speakers to express inspirational and universal messages.

A leader with vision always has the ability to listen with depth and make a fair decision, sometimes through consensus or independently. Let’s inspire each other to grow and develop our ability to lead with compassion and to convey key universal messages in speeches that impact us to become better global citizens, caring about our planet, Earth!

Ann Sado Honjo