Past President’s Comment(2006-2007)

Kazuko Kawauchi

“Challenge to Achieve”

Thank you for your interest in our KeyForce Toastmasters Club. It is a club with enthusiastic members working hard to improve their communication skills in English and to become a competent leader in the society. The means of achieving these goals are speaking English in front of an audience and leading activities inside and outside of our club.

The name of our club “KeyForce” was created by our founder when it was established more than six years ago. It means that women have the key to unlock the force that inspires and empowers all mankind to a better life and world. Therefore, our club members are aiming at fostering women’s leadership through public speaking.

This year we set a club motto, “Challenge to Achieve” One of the tasks we are working very hard at as One Great Team is to make the All Japan English Speech Contest, to be held in May 2007 in Tokyo, a success. We believe this is a great challenge and opportunity for each member to develop leadership skills and we think we are lucky to have this wonderful chance.

The Ship KeyForce has already put out to sea for achieving the challenge we face, and we would like to welcome anybody who wants to go on board and share this tough but enjoyable voyage with us while developing your English speaking skills and leadership skills.

As the proverb says “Seeing is Believing”, please visit our meetings on the third (and fifth if there is any) Tuesday every month from 7:00p.m. to 8:45p.m. I am sure you will learn through our Toastmasters activities while enjoying it, then you will subsequently broaden your horizon and make a closer rapport with members, and develop life-long friendships. I believe your decision to become our club member will become a valuable investment in your life. Please come and join our group to have your goals and ours achieved!

Please visit us, and we all look forward to seeing you soon.