Past President’s Comment(2004-2005)

Kazuko Iwatsuki

Why did I become a member of KeyForce Toastmasters Club? It all happened when the founder of the club, Ann Sado Honjo asked me, “Would you like to be a member of KeyForce Toastmasters Club?” “What is KeyForce TMC? “What’s that? “ This was my first encounter with KeyForce Toastmasters Club. Why did I join the club? One main reason was I wanted to be a better English speaker in front of people. I was not good especially at intonation and pauses. Besides, of course, I wanted to brush up English too.

Did I change after joining the club? I’ve got used to speaking in front of people.
Can you believe this? At the beginning, I became very nervous, but gradually I was getting better. I would like to believe so.
The best part is not only speaking English but also acquiring leadership and communication skills.
I realized this was possible especially after I became an officer and the President, I realized when I got members’ advice and assistance and I was energized and empowered by their warm support. Believe me, KeyForce members are always friendly and warm hearted, and speak, laugh and eat a lot. (Believe me again!)

By becoming a member of KeyForce Toastmasters Club, I’m sure I will be richly rewarded with friendship. By getting used to speaking in front of an audience, you will become a good leader in the club and in your company or any places where you belong to. Besides our club is very diversified from young to old, no, no I should say middle aged, men and women, working for foreign or Japanese companies from so called “career women” to a doctor and self employed or people running their own business. Also members include Japanese and foreign people, such as French and American.. The membership is very diversified and fun

Hope you can visit us and see for yourself what is going on in our club.
I am looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting soon.